Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for ABW Wealth Advisors

Q: What services does ABW offer?

A: We have a menu of services so you can choose what meets your needs and preferences. Small, medium, or large. Our services range from a single financial

or special needs planning consultation to ongoing financial planning, special needs planning, and investment management.

Q: Does ABW offer special needs planning or financial planning for individuals with disabilities?

A: Yes.This is our specialty.We can integrate special needs planning issues into your overall financial plan and collaborate with your attorney who will prepare legal documents like Wills and special needs trusts.

Q: Does ABW offer virtual services?

A: Yes. We offer both virtual and in-person services.

Zoom zoom!

Q: How does ABW price its services?

A: We have transparent, fee-only pricing and receive no sales commissions.

We charge a flat fee for our OnTrack strategy session and our financial plan and special needs plan creation services. For investment management services, our

fee is a small percent of assets under management (AUM).

Q: Does ABW have a minimum fee or minimum investment requirement?

A: We have services available with no minimum investment required.

Our wealth management service package does have a minimum investment of $2 million.

Q: Is ABW a fee-only firm?

A: Yes. All our compensation comes from clients as flat fees or asset

management fees. We receive no sales commissions.

Q: Does ABW charge hourly fees?

A: We generally charge a flat fee or an asset management fee. But in limited

cases, as an exception, we may charge an hourly fee.

Q: Is ABW a fiduciary?

A: Yes.

As a sworn fiduciary, we give advice only in your best interest.

Q: Why choose to partner with ABW?

A: We might be a good fit for each other if 1) you want an objective, independent

advice with transparent pricing and no sales commissions, 2) you want a personal

relationship with a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and not a 1-800 number, 3) you want to delegate investment management rather than do it yourself, or 4) you are a special needs family, a person with a disability, or work in or support the disability community.