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We help special needs families and the disability community to prosper.

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Objective advice in any area of personal finance so you can make decisions with confidence.

Investment Management

Professional money management so you can focus on living rather than the economy.

Special Needs

Guidance for life and money when disability impacts you or a loved one.

Do you want to build a better world for people you love, your community, or the world at large?

We can guide you

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Do you or a loved one have special health care needs or disability?

We can lighten your load

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As a sworn fiduciary, we work to become your trusted financial partner. As a firm that abides by the trusted CFP® standard, we will never sell you unnecessary products and only provide financial planning and investment advice in your best interest.

  • Partner with an experienced Certified Financial Planner™ professional.

  • Access financial planning advice from anywhere with our virtual services.

  • No commissions and no product sales. No minimum account size.

  • We are only compensated fee-for-service.

  • We work only in your own best interests.


Neil Mahoney, CFP®
Founder, Advisor


Neil has worked in financial services for 20+ years, first in Atlanta and now in Utah. As a father of three kids, including twins with disabilities, Neil is especially passionate about helping special needs families enjoy life and support their loved ones with special health care needs. Neil and his wife, Rebecca, have been married 25+ years. Neil's personal interests include model trains, table tennis and RVing.

Kelsey VanWagoner
Client Service Associate


Kelsey received a bachelor degree in personal financial planning and is working to earn the Certified Financial Planner credential.  After interning with a San Francisco area wealth management firm, Kelsey and her husband returned to the Bay Area where they are the proud parents of a new baby.  Amazingly, they still manage to play plenty of board games.


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